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25 February, 2010 - The America's Cup and Beyond

The 33rd America’s Cup, Valencia Spain.

Alinghi based in Switzerland was the defender and BMW Oracle based in California was the challenger of record, both had intense run ups to this February Match Up. On the water and in the courts in New York. It became obvious last December that a Deed of Gift match was on starting on February 8th, 2010.

The “Call” came in late January to get to Valencia to work with BMW Oracle on their VIP/Media relations team. Wow this will be cool I thought- working for the American’s who had a darn good chance to win with a wing sail powered monster size trimaran!

I had been an integral part of the Wing Sail powered Stars and Stripes catamaran when we defended the America’s Cup successfully in 1988, I was the grinder then, basically one of the key crew on the throttle! This opportunity was right up my alley.

What the job was, was not fully described in the hasty ask; yet I said, “sure, I am packing my bags”
Then hours later, IMG called from London and asked me to be part of a 3 Person Host Broadcast Team for the Worldwide Television Broadcast for this amazing and Historical 33rd America’s Cup.
“Decisions terminate Panic”

A few hours later, I was able to get through to BMW Oracle CEO Russell Coutts and ease out of my commitment to his team and sign on to the IMG produced World Broadcast with Peter “PJ” Montgomery and Andy Green. Peter and I had met in 1980 in New Zealand where I was racing for the Finn Gold Cup. I call “PJ” my Kiwi Dad! We had a lot of fun and for me, this new challenge, as a commentator was a massive thrill. I wish we had had more than 2 races to call.

A 2 out of 3 series was way too short of a regatta, especially when it was over after 2 races. Considering all the money, love and technology poured into the 2 coolest, baddest and fastest race boats ever built for the short track it would have been a dream to see them keep on racing!

BMW Oracle won the America’s Cup and for the 1st time in 15 years it is now in American hands with the Golden Gate Yacht Club and Team BMW Oracle.

Now onto the next events - 2010 and beyond

Extreme 40 Campaign- 2010-- currently we are in the hunt for commercial partners. Looking like a great summer of events in Europe and beyond next fall and winter.

Putting our Team Adventure Catamaran back into the water to start our push for a new all out racing and record breaking Giant Class multihull and bring our Team Adventure Education Foundation projects back live to the world.Bruno Peyron just announced THE RACE version 2


Thursday 18th February 2010

Bruno Peyron has officially announced that he has decided to relaunch The Race. After several months of studies and some careful thinking and after consulting the main potential competitors, a second edition of the race around the world for the giant G-class boats is therefore planned for 2013-2014, starting from a port in Southern Europe.

The Race: Created by the French sailor Bruno Peyron, The Race started on 31st December 2000, as a way to celebrate our arrival in the third millennium with a global ocean race. The Race was the first race around the world without limits, in other words it was open to boats without any size restrictions. The total freedom that was given to designers led to the birth of a new generation of sailboats, maxi-multihulls, now known as the G-Class. For the first edition of The Race, the first giant multihulls ever built set out from the start in Barcelona to sail around the world via the three capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn) before crossing the finish line in Marseilles.

Not only did we compete in The Race, Team Adventure was winning the inaugural event from the start until we were hit by three large rogue waves in the Southern Ocean. We had to stop to repair the boat not only in South Africa, but in New Zealand as well and still finished 3rd. We are willing and ready to best our last effort, set a new record, and WIN the second edition of THE RACE in 2013-2014....and are now actively looking for commercial partners and sponsors for our journey.

More exciting food for thought

The Possibility of the next America’s Cup on San Francisco Bay !! My favorite spot to sail and race in the USA. Bring it on!

Off to the New York Yacht Club on Friday for the Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman Luncheon



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