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World Records

In addition to the 24-hour speed record currently held by Pascal Bidegorry on Banque Populaire 5 (908.2nm), there will be an attempt on the singlehanded 24 hour record currently held by Tomas Coville on Sodebo (628.5nm). Team Adventure’s mandate is to tackle and conquer all major global sailing records.

  • TROPHEE JULES VERNE AROUND-THE-WORLD NONSTOP (21,760nm). 48d, 7h, 44m, 52s. (Groupama 3)
  • TRANSATLANTIC EASTBOUND USA TO UK (2925nm). 3d 15h 25m 48s. (Banque Populaire 5)
  • NEW YORK TO SAN FRANCISCO (13945nm). 63d, 5h, 55m, 4s. (Ecureuile Poitou Charentes)
  • AROUND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND NONSTOP (1787nm). 4d, 16h, 8m, 54s. (Playstation)
  • TRANSATLANTIC CADIZ TO SAN SALVADOR (3884nm). 7d, 10h, 58m, 53s. (Groupama 3)
  • TRANSPACIFIC YOKOHAMA TO SAN FRANCISCO (4482nm). 13d, 22h, 38m, 28s. (Geronimo)
  • TRANSPACIFIC LOS ANGELES TO HONOLULU* (2215nm). 4d, 19h, 31m, 37s. (Geronimo)
  • TRANSPACIFIC SAN FRANCISCO TO YOKAHAMA (2925nm). 11d, 12m, 54s. (Gitana 13)
  • AROUND AUSTRALIA NONSTOP (6500nm). 17d, 12h, 57m, 5s. (Geronimo)
  • MIAMI TO NEW YORK (947nm). 1d, 11h, 5m, 20s. (Groupama 3)

One of the most sought after records is the eastbound Transatlantic record (USA TO UK). This record was first set by the legendary skipper Charlie Barr aboard the schooner Atlantic. The current time, set by French sailor Pascal Bidegorry aboard Banque Populaire 5, is at an average speed more than three times as fast as Atlantic.

1905 - Charlie Barr aboard Atlantic - 12d, 4h, 1m. (10.02 kts av)
1980 - Eric Tabarley aboard Paul Ricard - 10d, 5h, 14m. (11.93 kts av)
1981 - Mark Pajot aboard Elf Aquitaine - 9d, 10h, 6m. (12.94 kts av)
1984 - Partick Morvan aboard Jet Services II - 8d, 16h, 33m. (14.03 kts av)
1986 - Loic Caradec aboard Royale II - 7d, 21h, 5m. (15.47 kts av)
1987 - Philippe Poupon on Fleury Michon VIII - 7d, 12h, 50m. (16.18 kts av)
1988 - Serge Madec aboard Jet Services V - 7d, 6h, 30m. (16.76 kts av)
1990 - Serge Madec aboard Jet Services V - 6d, 13h, 3m. (18.62 kts av)
2001 - Steve Fossett aboard Playstation - 4d 17h 28m 6s. (25.88 kts av)
2006 - Bruno Peyron aboard Orange 2- 4d, 8h, 23m, 54s. (28.12 kts av)
2007 - Franck Cammas aboard Groupama 3 - 4d 3h 57m 54s. (29.54 kts av)
2009 - Pascal Bidegorry aboard Banque Populaire 5 - 3d, 15h, 25m, 48s. (32.94 kts av)



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