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The Catamaran

Team Adventure comes from the design office of Gilles Ollier & Associates, the world’s foremost big catamaran designers. Built at the world renowned multihull builder Multiplast, Team Adventure is one of three sister-ships that competed in the grueling 27,000 mile, non-stop around the world race known simply as The Race.

Team Adventure II will also be designed and built by this proven team. At 135 feet it will be the biggest of all the maxi-multihulls capable of back-to-back daily runs in excess of 700 nautical miles. With a mission to rewrite all major ocean sailing records including circumnavigating the world non-stop in under 45 days, Team Adventure II will be a purpose built, state-of-the-art sailing craft of exceptional design and engineering. The graphic below shows how maxi-multihulls have increased in size and correspondingly lowered the record to where it currently stands at 48 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes and 52 seconds.



Of the seven times a new Jules Verne outright circumnavigation record has been set, three of them have been by Ollier designs built by Multiplast. There are currently only 10 maxi-multihulls in existence; Team Adventure II will be the newest and incorporate two decades of development.

The graphic below shows how Team Adventure II will size up against other Jules Verne winners.


"When we launch a new boat we are naturally very keen to validate what we have set down on paper. In fact we are not that surprised as we base our decisions on known elements, factors we have been working with for years. But our role is to imagine the next boat which follows, whilst remaining reasonable. We are currently thinking of something bigger still. I reckon we can still gain 10% in terms of performance with the next generation." - GILLES OLLIER Naval Architect



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