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Even before Team Adventure was launched, the TA team were undertaking adventures designed to inspire and educate. While it's important to keep looking forward, it's also fun to look back. Here are a few of our past adventures.

voyage_to_antarcticaTO ANTARCTICA – In 2000 Team Adventure Executive Director Larry Rosenfeld traveled to Antarctica with his family in what was to become the first test-bed for the Team Adventure Education Foundation. Images and emails were sent from their base camp aboard the expedition yacht Pelagic to schools back in the US. Read the emails and enjoy the stunning images.


the_raceTHE RACE – Team Adventure was built to compete in the ultimate ocean race, a non-stop sprint around the globe called simply The Race. After leading the fleet of giant catamarans south, Team Adventure faltered when a series of rough Southern Ocean waves damaged the forward beam. The team pulled into South Africa to effect a repair and eventually finished The Race in third place. It's all in The Race archive.


route_of_discoveryROUTE OF DISCOVERY – Shortly after finishing The Race, Cam Lewis and his crew set off across the Atlantic on a voyage of discovery retracing the voyage Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492. On board were two school teachers who helped develop an education curriculum for Team Adventure and communicated daily with schools both in the US and UK. Click the link for your own voyage of discovery.



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