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The hottest new trend in the world of offshore ocean racing is record setting and some of the most prestigious records are still within easy reach of a modern, purpose built catamaran like Team Adventure.

Team Adventure’s four year global program includes both refitting the existing boat and building a new state-of-the-art boat. Finalizing the design, building and sea trialing a new 135 foot giant multihull will take almost two years. The world of maxi-multihull racing is similar to Formula 1; there are only a limited number of skippers and teams that are capable competing at this level. The existing boat once refit will remain one of the fastest maxi-multihulls in existence. We have proven that we can compete in the international arena. The proposed program is as follows:


While Team Adventure II is under construction, the current boat will sail the world as a global ambassador for our sponsors and partners. The boat will line up for some of the top offshore races and tackle all major world records. Team Adventure’s four year global program includes participation in all major ocean races and attempts on all existing sailing records. The boat also offers a unique platform from which to entertain, inspire or just simply provide a stunning setting for corporate entertainment. To see a list of world records to break click here.


The classic round the world, non-stop sailing record. Originally a figment of one writer's imagination and now a major goal for all serious offshore campaigners, the Trophee Jules Verne (TJV) is the most prestigious ocean racing record (Cam Lewis was the first holder of the record). The time to beat: 48 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes and 52 seconds. After the Trophee Jules Verne Team Adventure II will assault all major ocean sailing records.


Team Adventure will work with our sponsors to create a new global sailing event certain to generate unprecedented media attention. Using these extraordinary machines in a series of inshore races and onshore festivals, as well as a race around the globe, sponsors will be able to create ongoing branding, corporate entertainment and marketing opportunities on a worldwide scale. Key cities and economic regions will be targeted to provide the best return on investment for our sponsors and partners.




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