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Following in Shackleton’s footsteps a Century Later

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Our Mission

Team Adventure is available to train the citizens of your country in large multihull sailing so they might compete in the global arena. In addition, Team Adventure has a mission to:

  • Rewrite all major ocean sailing records including circumnavigating the world non-stop in under 50 days.
  • As the worlds fastest sailboat, to meet the branding, marketing and corporate objectives of our sponsors on a worldwide scale.
  • While doing so, inspire, motivate and educate children to be better global citizens, to learn about their environment, and to have a thirst for knowledge.
  • To be an international ambassador for our partners and to provide an unmatched return on investment.
Our goals are more than just a mission to re-write the ocean sailing record books. They include a mandate to:
  • To EXPLORE the outer limits of ocean sailing and our environment as we break all existing speed and distance records.
  • To CREATE a live, interactive shared experience that bring people of different cultures together.
  • To INSPIRE students through our adventures, focusing on science, teamwork and a thirst for excellence.
  • To PREPARE children for a creative and cooperative future by partnering with the International Child Art Foundation. (


Our current flagship, Team Adventure, is a massive 110-foot catamaran capable of sailing at speeds in excess of 40 knots. Our new flagship will be even larger. At 135 feet it will be the fastest sailboat in the world capable of sailing at speeds approaching 50 knots. The yacht will act as a floating classroom from which we will launch the most exciting, interactive web-based educational programs ever created for school children around the world.


Team Adventure has completed The Race, a non-stop, no-limits race around the world. The boat has also sailed the Route of Discovery, a transatlantic odyssey with school teachers on board. Both voyages form part of our education curriculum which integrates sailing, history and education in a dynamic program of interactive learning.


Team Adventure’s three year sailing program includes participating in the top global ocean races as well as assaults on the most prestigious record attempts worldwide.



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