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By its very existence, the Team Adventure catamaran is a magnet for the attention of children interested in contemporary, achievable, understandable adventure.

Both Team Adventure and team Adventure II will be equipped with satellite communications equipment that can transmit audio, video as well as written reports. The imagery, video, and stories from the crew are then sent on to the shore team, which has a vital role in bringing the information to the students, teachers, and families. Each of Team Adventure’s endeavors highlight both the daily life onboard, something few get to experience first hand as well as relevant geographic and nautical information.

Team Adventure’s education elements are meant for a wide audience. The information presented from on-board Team Adventure is both entertaining and informative, with plenty of adrenaline pumping moments – as text, video, and imagery. The attention grabbing drama is backed through by a strong message and opportunities to learn and discuss science, history math and global issues.


When sailing offshore, Team Adventure uses technology to communicate with children across the globe. Our method is to use the excitement of adventure sailing and world travel to capture a child's attention and stir their imagination. Sailing the seven seas has always been a phrase that elicits excitement. Offshore sailing takes that excitement to the extreme. Sailing in a 110' state of the art catamaran, the Team Adventure crew can bring geography and oceanography lessons to children worldwide. With its speed and its reach the big cat can encircle the globe reminding us of the limits of our resources and the fragility of our planet while extending a message of hope and excitement for the new millennium.

When the Team Adventure catamaran is close to shore, the boat is open to the public for tours to explain how the boat operates, to gain a sense of scale, and hands on experience. The boat visits museums and schools. We invite teachers bring their classes; clubs and organizations come and visit. Reaching students began when the boat was launched in Marseille, France and more recently we have been in Maine and Massachusetts. Through speaking engagements and via e-mail, Team Adventure has directly connected with over 3,000 students and thousands more through the Team Adventure website. There are many lessons for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers to utilize as part of their curriculum.

For some ideas of how Team Adventure can interact with your classroom please see The Curriculum.



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