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21 august - summer 2009 by Cam Lewis

The summer of 2009 has been the most exciting few months in sailing ever. Sailing Records have been smashed with amazing results. Most noteworthy is Banque Populaire, the newest of the Giant Class of Ocean racing multihulls, BP crossed the Atlantic from Ambrose Light off New York City to the Lizard Point light off of the UK in 3 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes at blistering average speed of 32.94 Knots, 61 KPH, or 37.90 MPH.

In this crossing they sailed 908.2 nautical miles in 24 hours at a pace of 37.84 Knots, 70.07 KPH, 43.54 MPH--

Ten years ago a 600 mile day on the ocean was a great accomplishment!

The two America's Cup teams, Alinghi and BMW Oracle have launched their two giant day racing space age sailing machines, a catamaran and a trimaran. Alinghi even flew their catamaran over the Alps under a huge Helicopter from Lake Geneva to Genoa Italy! These two groups are pushing the extreme end of all known technologies in sailing fast boats fast! Alinghi now training in Italy, BMW Oracle in San Diego, California.
America's Cup Race venue selected- Ras-al-Khaimah UAE Starting on February 8th, 2010

Wow, this will fantastic. We have all seen the rise of the UAE in sailing, The Oryx Cup, Oman Sail, and many events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other areas in the UAE. This is an area of the world rich in nautical history and it will be an amazing match up between two of the worlds most prominent racing teams.

Team Adventure will be there for the America's Cup! Cam Lewis our skipper was a key crew member in 1988 onboard the Wing Powered Stars and Stripes catamaran when they won the America's Cup and has solid plans to get the TEAM ADVENTURE catamaran back in top sailing shape and be there in RAZ to see the America's Cup races and entertain the new partners we will have at the time.

Elsewhere in the sailing world there are so many fantastic opportunities developing. OC events and iShares have just announced plans for a winter EXTREME 40 catamaran racing series in the UAE, teams are preparing for all sorts of record attempts in all disciplines from kite surfing to around the world, to land speed records. Team Adventure is poised to get back out on the oceans with our existing G Class cat and continue to achieve our goals of building the worlds fastest ocean racing sailboat and continuing our missions with sailing, communication and education projects.



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