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28 june - the hard part is getting to the start

There is a marked difference between preparing for a race around the world and actually sailing around the world. Once the start gun fires the boat takes off, its voyage unimpeded and with blistering speed the task of circumnavigating gets done one mile at a time. In stark contrast getting to the start line is step by step series of setbacks and frustration. And so it is for Cam and the Team Adventure team as they prepare for The Oryx Cup. That’s not to say that progress is not being made.

Preparations are underway to ship the boat to France for repair. Discussions with potential sponsors continue and an old friendship with French sailing ace Laurent Bourgnon is rekindled into an alliance. Laurent will lend his considerable talent and weight to the Team Adventure team and will join Cam as co-skipper for the trip around the world.

In Qatar, Director of Development Michael Shetzer is meeting daily with local contacts to stimulate interest in the project and chase up sponsorship leads. The race has captured the imagination of the local people and businesses and the feeling is that if money is to come it will come from the region. The return on investment will be well leveraged for a company with interests in the Arabian Gulf.

So while progress seems painfully slow when compared against a mega-cat loping across a smooth sea, it is one of the most important parts of the event. A well funded and well prepared entry will be a formidable competitor. We will keep you posted on progress as the start date looms ever closer.



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