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10 January 05 - looking ahead

The Team Adventure crew worked very hard to secure backing to participate in the Oryx Quest 2005, but were not successful. Disappointed, but not discouraged, they have refocused their efforts and now have their sights squarely on the second event out of the Middle East, the Quest Qatar 2006. This event, due to start from Doha, Qatar, in November 2006 immediately following the Asian Games, will pit maxi-multihulls and maxi-monohulls against each other for the first time in head-to-head competition.

Team Adventure plans to build a new, faster maxi-catamaran for this competition and discussions are underway with the design team at Gilles Ollier & Associates, the designers of Team Adventure, to build boat that will be between 38 and 40 meters in length. The new boat will dwarf Team Adventure not only in terms of size, but also the loads experienced by the onboard equipment. It will be a delicate piece of engineering capable of sailing close to 50 knots and knocking off days run approaching 800 nautical miles.

Cam Lewis and the Team Adventure crew are very serious about winning the Quest Qatar 2006. In addition to this global circumnavigation event the team will also go after some of the most prestigious sailing speed records including the eastbound Transatlantic record and the outright circumnavigation record. Both of these records are currently held by the maxi-catamaran Cheyenne, but both could fall to a larger yacht.

Between the Quest Qatar 2006 and the various record attempts, Team Adventure will be a highly visible global marketing tool. A worldwide campaign in the newest and fastest sailing vessel ever built will bring incredible exposure and brand recognition to the naming sponsor and all partners.

In addition the crew will continue to focus on education through the Team Adventure Education Foundation and will build on the success of the previous events. Stay tuned to the website for some important announcements over the upcoming weeks.

Finally Cam, Larry and the Team Adventure crew wish all the participants in the Oryx Quest 2005 a safe and successful race around the world. Bon Voyage to all.

To view a outline showing the difference in size between Team Adventure and the new boat click here



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