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15 April 05 - time for a new beginning

There is always a time for a new beginning and now is that time for Team Adventure. After almost four years on the sideline, the TA team is back up and running with a new objective: to rewrite the record books in all major offshore records. The first one is to be the first boat to circumnavigate the world in less than 50 days. The current Jules Verne around-the-world record stands at an incredible 50 days,16 hours, 20 minutes and 4 seconds set by Bruno Peyron and his team on Orange II. It’s tantalizingly close to the 50 day barrier. Close, but not under. Now is the time to use all our collective resources and expertise to build a bigger, faster and more innovative boat. The new Team Adventure flagship will be designed by the prestigious naval architects, Gilles Ollier & Associates, and built by the top French yard of Multiplast, Inc. Of the six times a new Jules Verne outright circumnavigation record has been set, three of them have been by Ollier designs built by Multiplast. Gilles Ollier is clear in his vision that it’s possible to build a boat that can outpace Orange II. ““When we launch a new boat we are naturally very keen to validate what we have set down on paper,” he said. “In fact we are not that surprised as we base our decisions on known elements, factors we have been working with for years. But our role is to imagine the next boat which follows, whilst remaining reasonable. We are currently thinking of something bigger still. I reckon we can still gain 10% in terms of performance with the next generation."

Cam Lewis is in full agreement. After congratulating Bruno and his team on their amazing performance Cam issued the following statement. ““I believe that a new generation maxi-cat will be able to sustain speeds of 25 to 30 knots, mile after mile, day after day. This will mean days runs consistently over 700 nautical miles. It’s all about keeping the averages high and with the best team and the latest thinking I feel that we can knock two possibly three days off the record.”

Now the hard part begins. Raising the funds. We are currently in discussion with a number of high level parties. The budget is big, but so are our goals and ambitions. It’s only a matter of time before Team Adventure II is a reality, Stay tuned.



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